Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Witchy Woman

Just in case you weren’t aware that Shanna Swendson’s  Kiss and Spell (Enchanted, Inc.)'>Kiss and Spell is newly available. I love this Katie Chandler series and it has nothing to do with Shanna’s hometown being very near mine, or that she was extremely nice when I met her one time, or that the heroine’s name is Katie. All that is bonus, but the books stand alone.

Katie Chandler moves to New York and can see all kinds of strange creatures that no one else seems to notice. It turns out that she’s immune to magic, so she can see through illusions to what’s really going on in the city – a battle between good magic and dark. With that said, the books are well-written, fun romantic comedy. I don’t care particularly about magic, but this isn’t witches and demons battling for dominance. These books are sturdy. The heroine is practical and the dashing hero works too hard and has a serious case of social anxiety.

I’m noticing as I write this that a lot of the books I love are what I’m now thinking of as sturdy. The heroines would never faint, the hero may be handsome, but he’s not ever going to be dashing. I guess I like my romance to be sensible and funny, the way it should be in real life.


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